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Why Wrestle?

Why Participate in Youth Wrestling in Highlands Ranch, CO?


Wrestling is a great sport that teaches athletes so many valuable lessons about sport and life in general. Dan Gable, legendary University of Iowa coach, World, and Olympic Champion is quoted as saying “Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” I still think that life can continue to throw powerful punches and challenges. However, I am in agreement that wrestling is a sport that teaches hard work and personal accountability. If one fails on the wrestling mat, there is no one else to blame but the individual. It is hard to blame a coach or a teammate for a subpar performance, and wrestling forces an individual to look inward to the athlete. What can you do better? Here are my top reasons why you should consider youth wrestling in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Wrestling develops basic athletic skills

Wrestling is one of those sports that requires a lot of body control. It isn’t enough to be able to run, jump, or throw. You have to be able to use your neck, your back, your arms, your legs, and everything else that you can control to help you to win a match. Therefore, any age or gender (boys & girls) can do youth wrestling in Highlands Ranch, CO. One of the staples of a good wrestling practice is tumbling in the warm up. People often recognize the value of signing children up in youth sports in Highlands Ranch, CO such as gymnastics, but many people are unaware that there is a lot of tumbling and gymnastics movements that are a part of our youth wrestling practices. We make sure to spend a portion of every practice, especially with our youngest athletes, on tumbling. You have to build an athlete before you can turn him into a wrestler. That is not even to mention all of the flexibility, strength, explosiveness, and skill required to execute a lot of wrestling moves effectively. Golden Eagle Wrestling Club is a great youth sports program in Highlands Ranch, CO that will improve athletic skills that can be transferred to many other youth sports.

Golden Eagle Wrestling Club and youth wrestling can help develop personal responsibility

Wrestling is a sport that makes you responsible like no other. Whether you win or lose, it’s entirely up to you. You are responsible for your training and preparation. You are responsible for your practice effort and attitude. You have to score. It’s all on you. There are competitions and tournaments where every individual’s performance comes into play, but your teammate can’t step in to help if things are not going your way. You have to be ready to perform in every match. Unlike teams sports where you can give less effort when a play is away from your direction, you have to give 100% effort from start to finish. Youth wrestling in Highlands Ranch, CO will help you become more responsible with your own level of success that can assist your performance in other youth sports. 

Youth Wrestling in Highlands Ranch, CO develops mental toughness

The training that is required for wrestling can be very intense to say the least. In just a three to six minute match, you can feel entirely wiped out. In the heat of a tough match, your lungs can burn, your legs and back can be worn out, and your forearms can be completely swollen with blood. Due to the physical intensity of the sport, you have to be prepared for anything. You also have to be mentally resilient and prepared to square up one-on-one with your opponent. If you step on the mat, and you don’t believe that you are going to accomplish your match goals then your performance will decrease. You have to be mentally strong to be ready to perform under pressure on a regular basis. You have to be mentally prepared to push your body beyond what it wants to do. Finally, you have to learn defeat. Nearly 100% of the best wrestlers in the world have lost matches in their career. In fact, many kids starting any new sport will lose more often than they win. You have to have a short memory about the losses and move forward. If you are focused only on the wins and losses, then the burnout rate is high and confidence drops. To prevent this from occurring in our youth wrestling program, we focus on match goals (takedowns, escapes, reversals, trying new moves, etc.). If we focus on task accomplishment with the sport of wrestling, then one can progress with great mental resolve. It is great to become a champion but even better, we learn from our failures and develop into mental champions.  

Youth Wrestling in Highlands Ranch, CO brings kids together and builds a strong camaraderie

Adversity has a way of bringing people together and due to the challenges that a wrestler faces on a daily basis in practice and competition, the bonds between wrestlers become very strong. In a wrestling practice, you have a group of boys and girls that are giving it their very all to become the best they can be, and in order to do that, they have to compete against each other. However, even though your practice partners are trying to beat you during a youth wrestling practice, they can also be some of your best friends when practice is over. There is a great feeling of empathy that is developed for your wrestling teammates and competitors, and when they win big matches, you are naturally happy for them. I have seen our youth wrestlers from Golden Eagle Wrestling Club congratulate their opponents when they win tournaments demonstrating much respect for their hard work and commitment they applied to the sport of youth wrestling. 

Youth Wrestling in Highlands Ranch, CO by Golden Eagle Wrestling Club can help develop discipline

To be successful in wrestling, you have to develop discipline. You can’t just show up to practice whenever you want to, or else you will not be properly prepared to compete. You can’t just compete on the days that you feel like it, and you can’t just watch your nutrition occasionally. You have to develop and stick to a routine. If you are undisciplined in any of your efforts, it can be disastrous further down the road when you show up to a competition untrained or unprepared. You have to do the work every day. This is similar to other aspects of life including school where one needs repetition with reading, writing, math, spelling, etc. 

Youth Wrestling in Highlands Ranch, CO by Golden Eagle Wrestling Club teaches an individual task mastery

There are a lot of techniques that you can try to master in wrestling, but the very best wrestlers usually have one or two moves that are unstoppable. It takes a lot of time and repetition to get a move down just right so that it can be executed during competition. Bruce Lee wasn’t a wrestler, but he has a quote that I really like. It says, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” This quote applies to wrestling as well. The wrestlers who dabble in a lot of different things, won’t be the greatest. The wrestler that can discipline themselves to focus on a few techniques and master it, then it will give them a great opportunity to win.

Youth Wrestling provides opportunities to further education

Let’s face it. It is very unlikely that most wrestlers will get paid much, if anything at all, to wrestle. However, wrestling can provide an opportunity to earn a scholarship to wrestle in college and further one’s education. A lot of times when people think of getting a scholarship to wrestle in college, they immediately think that division I schools are the only places that they can go to get a wrestling scholarship. The truth is that there are more opportunities to wrestle in college and get school paid for by competing in other divisions as well. Division II, NAIA, and junior colleges also have programs where scholarships are available. If young wrestlers are committed to the sport and do their homework about wrestling programs, hopefully, they will be able to find a school that they can wrestle at and further their education as well.

Youth Wrestling in Highlands Ranch, CO is fun

Last but not least, wrestling is fun! Despite all of the challenges that are a part of the sport, it is so much fun and so rewarding to go compete and win. Having your hand raised at the end of a match is a great feeling. It is a very satisfying feeling to know that you are able to work hard, improve your skills, face challenges, and overcome them. You know that no matter what life throws at you, that you will be able to prepare for it, and come out okay on the other side.


Wrestling is such an amazing sport that provides youth an opportunity to learn things that will help them throughout their lifetime. It helps to develop strong minds and strong bodies. It helps youth to learn to set and work to achieve goals. It is a great sport that I am very grateful to have competed in, and I am still very fortunate to be able to continue to coach and pass along lessons that I have learned along the way. If you are a wrestler that is still competing, I hope that you continue to do so and keep learning things. If you are a parent of wrestlers, I hope that you continue to encourage them to work hard. If you don’t wrestle, I encourage you to give it a try. Finally, if you are a parent of youth that don’t wrestle, I encourage you to encourage them to try out wrestling. Even if they only do it for a short time, they will be forever changed. We encourage you to participate in youth wrestling in Highlands Ranch, CO and become a member of the Golden Eagle Wrestling Team!

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